It's Popcorn Time!

You will be receiving your popcorn information the week of Sept 1 in the mail. Your Scout can immediately begin selling popcorn. If you need more order forms you can download them here or see the Popcorn Kernel at the next troop meeting. Please encourage your son to participate because this is a big fundraiser for your son. Almost 70% of the purchase price stays local to help him. About one-third of the profit from the sales goes to his Troop Scout account, while the other percentages go to prizes and to the different services such as quality training for leaders, safe campgrounds, rank advancements and much more. Troop 31 Scouts earn dollars for summer camp costs, high adventure outings, monthly campouts, etc.

Scouts can begin selling immediately. Take a few minutes to go over the safety rules with him. This is the most important feature of any project your son does in scouting!

Scouts earn prizes for selling popcorn based upon the dollar amount sold. A description of the prizes available is included and your son will earn one prize depending on the amount of popcorn sold. He chooses a gift from the prize level at or below his dollar amount.

Important Dates

Sept 1 Show & Take orders begin (scouts go door-to-door and take advance orders)

Sept 19 Show & Deliver popcorn (scouts go door-to-door and deliver the popcorn at the same time that the order is taken).

November 1 - All popcorn orders and prize choices are due November 1. There will be no exceptions. For those who picked up popcorn for Show & Deliver, all returns of unsold popcorn must be made tonight also. If you have full payment for your order, bring that as well. All payments are due no later than November 5. Any Questions please see the Popcorn Kernel

November 5 - all popcorn order MONEY due in!

November 7 - FINAL Popcorn Pickup at the warehouse on Saturday November 7. Make sure you are at the meeting or make arrangements with the kernel to get your popcorn.

More information will be available at September Troop meetings. Please let the Popcorn Kernel know if you have any questions or need additional selling materials. Remember - the more popcorn you sell, the more cash that will be deposited in your scout account!

Troop 31 Popcorn Kernel

Steven Eng
304 Auburn Drive
Oswego, IL 60543
630-624-6517 Cell

All checks should be made payable to Troop 31. Also, no popcorn should be left until it is paid for. All money is due to the Troop by November 5th. Please make sure all money is accounted for.

Please encourage your son to participate in this worthwhile cause. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Popcorn Kernel.



ALWAYS sell with another Scout or with an adult.

NEVER enter anyone's home.

NEVER sell after dark unless you're with an adult.

DON'T carry large amounts of cash.

ALWAYS walk on the sidelwalk and driveway.

ALWAYS wear your uniform.

ALWAYS smile and introduce yourself.

ALWAYS tell your customer why you are selling popcorn.

ALWAYS know the different kind of popcorn you're selling.

ALWAYS say "Thank you!"

ALWAYS make a copy of your order form for next year.