Guides to Troop 31

Handout for Scouts new to Troop 31

Troop 31 Merit Badge FAQ

Troop 31 Code of Conduct

Troop 31 Scout Handbook

Troop 31 - Troop Organization

Guides to Good (Safe) Camping

Troop 31 Camping Safety First Checklist

The 10 Plus Camping Essentials List

Guide to Cold Weather Camping

Treating Hypothermia and Cold Weather Injuries

Forms for Youth and Adult Leaders

Troop Meeting Planner

Outing Tour Permit
Outing - Cold Weather Camping Handout
Outing Permission Slip Template

Planning for a Campout - This form helps you plan a campout starting 4 weeks before the campout
Roster and Drive Chart - This form is a roster that the PL fills out along with parents names and phone numbers. The campout leader will fill in who you drive with
Duty Roster - This form is a duty roster. The lower half gets filled out by the PL's, the upper half by the SPL and ASPL's
Tent Mates - This form helps the PL organize tent mates so that tents can be assigned and then checked in and out by quartermasters. Responsilitly for drying and cleaning the tents is organized as well.
Daily Planner - This form is to plan what we do at a campout, hour by hour (subject to change)
Menu Planner - This form is for who is coming, what the meal plan is, and the grocery list for the Grubmaster

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Youth Application - link to BSA Site
Adult Leader Application - link to BSA Site
Merit Badge Counselor Application

Medical Forms

BSA Annual Health and Medical Record Form
- link to form on BSA Site

Annual Health and Medical Record Form FAQ 2009

BSA Useful Links

Scout Oath, Scout Law, Motto, Slogan, Outdoor Code

Outdoor Code

Memorable Verses

Philmont Grace
Scout Vespers